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Circular Whirpools: elegant and contemorary
The circular hydromassage bathtubs are modern and elegant elements which integrates technology with aesthetics.
The Baltic Times
Luxury bathtubs made In Latvia conquer the world
Latvian-made products continue to rise in popularity as global consumers opt for well-crafted European products using the finest materials.
Design Journal
True Ofuro Duo Wooden Freestanding Japanese Soaking Bathtub
Inspired by ancient Japanese bathing traditions, the True Ofuro soaking bathtub emanates pure relaxation and rejuvenation.
Bath as a Practical Work of Art
Since 2019, an exclusive, modern, high-quality bath and bathroom equipment factory “Aquatica Plumbing Europe Ltd” has been operating in Latvia.
Soaking In The Art Of Bathing
From its manufacturing base in Latvia to high-end customers worldwide, Aquatica embodies a new generation of bathroom excellence.
Business Network
"Aquatica": Hollywood baths made in Latvia
The experience of Aquatica Plumbing Europe Ltd shows that business trips can often be surprising and bold ideas are open all over the world
The Growing Popularity Of The Elegant And Comfortable Free Standing Bathtub
“Home owners and designers are definitely trying to phase out large built-in bathtubs, which take up too much space,” according to Goran Stankovic of Aquatica Bath
Inspire Design
Spas for a Winter Escape
Summer may have bid adieu, but these spas by Aquatica Bath are ready to chase away the chill. Joseph Burnstein, founder and managing director of Aquatica Bath, shares the inspiration behind the company’s recent launches.
Terentti Magazine
Hotel Space Online
Introducing the True Ofuro Bath From Aquatica
With its roots in ancient Japanese culture and an emphasis on delivering a relaxing full-body soaking experience, True Ofuro Duo bath is part of Aquatica´s early 2019 collection and represents the only ergonomic two-person Japanese soaker on the market.
Terentti Magazine
Trends of the design 2019
Terentti Magazine
Aquatica Piccolo Bathtub in Gran Hotel Ingles, Madrid, Spain
House Beautiful
18 Breathtaking Outdoor Showers
These 18 Outdoor Showers Are Beyond Breathtaking, from rustic to modern and lush to minimalist.
Cottages & Gardens
Tour a Dreamy Malibu Home Filled with Character
A version of this article appeared in the December 2018 issue of NYC&G (New York Cottages & Gardens) with the headline: Malibu Magic.
TREYHOFF Architecture
Sleek. Bold. Daring. These words describe the sensation and excitement of this modern dwelling
ru article2
My Home
Итальянская каменная ванна — эталон красоты и оазис наслаждения в вашем доме
Современная ванна уже давно вышла за рамки предмета обстановки, выполняющего лишь утилитарные задачи. Она трансформировалась в некий арт-объект, который, помимо своей прямой функции, выполняет эстетическую роль.
Five Petite Modern Freestanding Bathtubs
Small space living can present challenges for those who enjoy a luxurious soak.
Exclusive interview: Joseph Burnstein founder and CEO, Aquatica Plumbing Group
Exclusive interview with the founder of Aquatica Plumbing Group
121 Marina Ocean Reef
The luxury experience expands into the master bathroom design featuring a simple yet elegant Spoon 2 Freestanding Tub, by Aquatica Bath, a leading international bathroom brand
Designer Media
Beautiful Japanese Style Bathing from Aquatica
Old world elegance gets a modern twist with Aquatica's stunningly lovely True Ofuro Japanese Seated Soaking Tub
Architecture + Design
Step Inside Mandy Moore's Pasadena Home
Mandy Moore’s Pasadena house is a testament to the actress/singer’s confidence, warmth, and passion for design
Gearing Media Group Ltd
State Of The Art Bathroom Solutions From Aquatica
Aquatica bathtubs are synonymous with quality, performance and style.
Desing Milk
Aquatica Redefines the Art of Bathing
The following post is brought to you by Aquatica. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design
Terentti Magazine
January - February 2019
Interior Design
4 Truly Modern Bathtubs
Aquatica has introduced four new tubs that are intended to transform the bathroom from a place of utility to a haven of relaxation and self-indulgence
ru article5
Salon Interior
Каменные ванны: лучшие модели для элегантного интерьера
В нашей подборке ванны в форме цветка, чаши, лодки, морской гальки и японской купели из литого камня AquateX™.
ru article3
10 ванн-новинок AquateX™ из коллекции Viva Lusso
Предлагаем вам ознакомиться ниже с новинками ванн AQUATEX™ 2017 года, а полный ассортимент моделей вы найдете на сайте официального представительства Aquatica Plumbing Group в России компании Viva Lusso.
ru article7
Yellow Home
Смарт-технологии на пороге ванной комнаты
Технологии в дизайне не стоят на месте, касаясь и ванных комнат – интерьеров со сложившимися канонами и традиционным подходом к планировке, выбору сантехники и аксессуаров.
ru article4
Пресс-релиз: Литьевой камень AquateX™ признан лучшим материалом 2016 года на конкурсе KB Awards (UK)
Прогрессивный материал 21 века – литьевой камень AquateX™ – стал победителем в номинации «Инновационный материал 2016» на британском конкурсе The Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards.
Online PR Media
Aquatica Wins Gold At The Designer KB Awards In The UK
Aquatica is super proud to announce that they have been awarded the Golden Award for Innovation in Materials for their versatile and unique AquateX™ material
ru article1
Дом & Интерьер
Стильные черные и черно-белые ванны от Viva Lusso
Сантехника в черных и черно-белых тонах – смелое и стильное веянье в дизайне ванных комнат, приобретающее все большую актуальность из года в год.
ru article6
Каменная ванна – аристократка у вас дома
Каменная ванна вновь возвращается из давних времен, но теперь она стала изысканной, безупречных форм и современного качества – аристократка у вас дома.

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